About Us

Puppy and Paw is a U.S. based pet products store specializing in QUALITY products for Canine (Dogs) and Feline (Cats). At Puppy and Paw, we love animals, and we believe they make an amazing impact on the lives of all of us, but we also believe we have a duty to return the favor!  Puppy and Paw's enthusiastic partners assist with bringing pet parents closer to their pets so they, together, can carry on with positive, joyful lives. This vision impacts all that we accomplish for our customers, the manner in which we support our customers and their pets. 

Why choose Puppy and Paw? As pet parents, we know getting quality product is the first priority of a customer and as a pet parent, that's why at Puppy and Paw we put more emphasis on providing the top quality products because we know how much you love your pet.

Each product is painstakingly designed and obtained to satisfy the most elevated standards conceivable and are tested multiple times by our own pets, clients, and through surveys.